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How Taking 10.000 Steps A Day Is Changing My Life

A Long Time Ago In the year twenty nineteen I decided to take on a challenge. Ten thousand steps every day with the intention to keep on doing this for the rest of my life. So maybe more a lifestyle change instead when I think about it. In this modern society it is…

The Power of Gratitude

In times of crisis, we often forget the beautiful things around us and we tend to focus on the negative things instead. I am here to tell you that losing things actually creates space in our lives. Space for new things, insights, and feelings. Things we cannot even comprehend until we discover them…

How to Deal with A Crisis

During the writing of this article the world is facing a Global Crisis. Our way of life has changed. Many of us are in some sort of lockdown and the future is uncertain. It is normal to feel overwhelmed. We worry but I am telling you that we don’t have to give in…

8 Things I learned after doing a 30-day health challenge

So what did I learn? After losing 10 kilos in 3 weeks thanks to our tactics in the Health Challenge month, I came to a number of conclusions and insights. The most important one: throw away your scale. If you have a window that can be opened and you live nice and high,…

Is a Smartphone a Smart Idea?

A digital Age We live in a Digital Age. We are constantly connected to the Internet. We are reachable 24/7 and we manage our lives using phones and computers. We are able to connect with people thousands of miles away and we can share a mutual appreciation for last Friday’s barbeque foto montage…

The Minimalistic Lifestyle

A New Year This means something profound or it means nothing at all. Maybe you are just neutral about it. How we feel about it is all in our minds. It is a creation of the imagination. For me, 2020 is more than a turning point than many years before. Not as emotionally…